Our 3 maritime doctors have many years of experience with examining seafarers on Danish and international ships

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Danish Health Certificate for Seafarers and Fishermen

To be able to work on a Danish ship you must undergo a medical examination by a maritime doctor on a regular basis. At the examination you are declared fit to work at sea. If you are admitted to a maritime education you also need to be examined by a maritime doctor.

The Danish Health Certificate for Seafarers and Fishermen is in full compliance with MLC and STCW. Rules for issuing Health Certificates can be found on the webpage of Danish Maritime Authority homepage.  Read more here.

It is the maritime doctor who decides whether you as a seafarer is fit for sea service, possibly with restrictions. The decision is made taking into account the seafarer’s health and safety, as well as the rest of the crew and ship’s safety.

BEFORE YOUR EXAMINATION, it may be a good idea to log in to the Danish Maritime Authority’s self-service for seafarers,, by your NemID/MitID, it can be done on both PC and mobile phone.
This can also be done in the App “My Maritime” on iOS or Android devices. This is to facilitate approval from the Maritime Administration. At times this has run a bit slow.

Usually a medical examination is paid for by your employer. If you have been admitted to a maritime school the Danish Maritime Authority pays for your examination. You have the option of agreeing with your shipping company that we send them the invoice for your examination directly.

Health certificate self declaration 

Norwegian Ship, sjømannslege

We are certified by the Norwegian Maritime Authorities to issue a Norwegian Health Certificate in accordance with the Norwegian Maritime Authority

Norwegian ship

Swedish ship/ Manila intyg

We are approved by the Swedish Transport Agency to examine Swedish seafarers. The certificate/ läkarintyg is made electronically at Sjöläkarwebben and you receive a copy as well after the examination. For issuance you need to have a Swedish social security number or a Swedish taxnumber.

Swedish ship

Cruise Lines

Medical office is approved by the major international Cruise Lines to examine their employees and we can help you with your medical, PEME and REME.

A Cruise Line Medical is a comprehensive medical examination including blood tests and an x-ray of the chest. If you work in catering there’s also a requirement for stool samples.

Practical information

  • Please book the appointment well in advance
  • Bring picture ID preferably passport or drivers’ license
  • During the examination you will do a urine sample
  • If you take medication on a daily base we ask you to kindly bring documentation from your general practitioner or from the specialist/hospital you attend.
  • If you’ve been hospitalized since your last examination with the maritime doctor, kindly bring a transcript of your medical record. You might be able to download it from
  • If you need vaccinations we can help you with this as well in the same consultation.


Our range of services varies, because we offer travel vaccination, work-related and preventive health examinations, issuance of certificates as well as general medical consultation for individuals. We have experience with issued insurance visits and international customers.

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US Immigration




US Immigration

We perform the required medical examination for long term visa applications to the US for you and your family, and is as the only clinic in Denmark appointed to do so.


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