Health certificate for railway staff and metro train drivers

We can help you prepare your health approval.
In order to work as railway staff and have functions of importance to railway safety, a valid health certificate is required, which is issued by the Swedish Transport Agency.


When you apply for health approval for the first time, you must submit a health certificate and subsequently it must be renewed periodically.
The health approval must be renewed regularly:

  • Every three years up to and including the age of 55
  • Every year from the age of 56

Persons performing other safety-classified functions in the railway area must undergo a medical examination:

  • Every five years until you are 40 years old
  • Every three years between the ages of 41 and 62
  • Every year from the age of 63

Drivers of metro trains, light rail drivers and traffic management staff at metro and light rail must be medically approved every five years.

For further information about health approval, you can read more here


  • Remember to bring photo ID – preferably a passport or driving licence
  • In connection with the examination, you will be asked to make a urine sample here. First-time examinees will also be given a drug test where they will be tested for Hash, Ecstacy and cocaine.
  • An electrocardiogram (ECG) is only required for persons who must be medically approved in accordance with executive order no. 1212 for the first examination and subsequently only for examinations after the age of 40.
  • We can send the bill for your examination directly to your employer if they have been set up as a debtor with us.

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