Wide ranging medical expertise in Copenhagen K

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UN, WHO & Unicef

US Immigration




We have a long history of helping seafarers getting examinations, vaccines, and certificates required when sailing on Danish and international ships.


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Johnson & Johnson vaccination 2021

One vaccine injection in the clinic DKK 750 kr.

For vaccination at another location, the price is 1000dkr. per hour with a nurse and 4dkr/km

COVID-19 test

The Medical Office can now assist with the following Covid-19 tests on asymptomatic individuals:

Covid- 19 quick test – inoculation through the nose – response after about 20 minutes – sensitivity about 95% – price DKK 300.

Covid-19 inoculation – inoculation in the throat – answer usually within 48 hours – sensitivity> 99% – price 300 kr.

PCR result same day 1000 kr.

Covid-19 antibody test – blood test in the finger – response after about 15 minutes – sensitivity about 95% – price 300 kr.

You are welcome to contact us if you want advice on Covid-19 and test options.