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Medical Office is, as the only facility in Denmark, appointed by the US Embassy to issue a medical examination in connection with a visa application to the United States.


  • We can usually offer you an appointment within 10 working days.
  • The medical examination should be done at least 11 working days prior to your interview at the US Embassy in Stockholm. When the medical is complete we will send it to Stockholm. You will  receive a copy of the vaccination card in your e-mail for you to keep.
  • The medical is valid 6 months from the date of the medical examination.
  • Applicants aged 15 years and above will require a blood sample for syphilis and a urine test for gonore, as well as x-ray examination of the chest.
  • You must book an appointment for the x-ray examination  at the x-ray clinic yourself.
  • Inform the x-ray clinic that the x-ray is for  US immigration: Røngtenklinikken Trianglen, Trianglen 5. Østerbro. Metrolinie M3,  Trianglen Station.   Phone number: +45 35 26 71 06

    If you do not speak  or understand Danish/ English, a professional translator is required at your own account. We ask you to book the interpretation service at

Before the examination

  • In order for us to have all documents ready for the examination, we will ask you for a copy of the page in your passport with photo, as well as your current address and future address in the U.S.  You may send a copy of your passport with photo, your current address and future address in the United States with the post to: Medical Office, PO Box 9036, Amaliegade 33 D, 1256 Copenhagen K

On the day of  the medical examination please bring:

  • 3 passport photos front face – 5 cm high. The upper part of the chest should be visible
  • Passport
  • Glasses / contact lenses
  • List of medicines current medication.
  • If you have a chronic disease, please bring documentation from your own doctor or from the specialist / hospital that treats you
  • Written documentation for all previous vaccinations with dates and medical data attested. We suggest you wait with the vaccination till your medical examination. Your vaccination status will be reviewed and any missing vaccinations will be offered in connection with the medical examination
  • An ESTA triggered visa application, please bring a copy of any convictions

You may pay for the examination, laboratory tests and vaccines in cash or by credit card.

The price is:

Adult > 15 years

Medical examination, 3425,00 kr incl. Vat
Blood test for Syfilis (WR), 650,00 kr (included in Medical examination)
Gonore test, 275,00 kr (Included in Medical examination)

Any expenses for vaccination depends on the existing vaccination status


Health survey, 1.200,00 kr incl. Vat

Any expenses for vaccination depends on the existing vaccination status.

Call us at +45 33 48 92 63

Telephone hours on weekdays 8.30-11.30 + 12.30-14.00