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The Medical Office performs the mandatory Medical Examinations for all UNITED NATIONS staff.

  • Entry
  • Periodic
  • Exit
  • Medical consultations for you and your family

We perform all the examinations, blood tests, urine examination and ECG waveform (ECG)

Doctor Mette Gabriel is UN Examining Physician, and has previously worked at the WHO EURO as a Staff Physician.

Our doctors are informed about UN Staff Health Insurance, and can help with guidance and referral in relation to these rules. The Medical Office cooperates with Medical Services in New York and HMS in Geneva.

In addition, we can help you with

  • Consultation
  • Prescriptions for medicine
  • Fit to travel certificate
  • Vaccination
  • Reference to medical specialist in Copenhagen
  • Appropriate referral to a physiotherapist or similar

Practical information

  • Are you employed by Unicef, please bring your “Request for UN medical Clearance”- which you will get you from your organization
  • Fasting is not needed for the boold samples
  • All examinations can be done at the Medical Office the same day
  • Please fill out page 1-2 of the form and bring it (4 pages) for your examination. You can ask HR to send you the appropriate form.
  • You must have conducted an x-ray of your lungs every 5. years
  • If x-ray of the lungs is required, please call and make an appointment at the Frederiksstaden X-ray and Ultrasound clinic, Store Kongensgade 90A, 1264 Copenhagen K telephone: + 45 33 13 43 26. The clinic sends x-ray descriptions directly to our closed journal system.
  • Certificates for employees at WHO are sent after agreement directly to Staff Physician/Dispensary in Copenhagen.

All medical information is treated confidentially and is being communicated exclusively to medical staff in the relevant organisations

Call us at +45 33 48 92 63

Telephone hours on weekdays 8.30-11.30 + 12.30-14.00