Health examinations

medical office health examinations

Practical information

  • Before the examination you are asked to fill out questionnaires, which we send to you
  • We begin the examination by taking blood samples and examination of urine
  • For persons older than 45 years we will examine stool samples
  • The examination is confidential. The only person who will get information about your health is you
  • We save the results of the examination in a closed medical system
  • The health examination and the lifestyle conversation is carried out by a general practitioner
  • We will check for early signs of disease in cardiac/vascular system, lungs, stomach/intestinal tract, liver/bile ducts, kidneys/urinary tract, connective tissue, blood and urine
  • We will discuss the health-related topics that you may wish
  • Your fitness rate is calculated based on a bicycle ergometer test performed in a separate room. Please bring shorts, t-shirt and sports shoes. We have shower facilities including towels
  • After the examination we write a personal and confidential report with conclusions and results of the examinations. The report will be sent to your private address/e-mail address
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